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About Us

Hey this is Joshua Brown writer and creator of General Joshua Comics and CEO of GJ Apparel let’s talk a bit.

There are a lot of Indy comic creators as well as your favorite mainstream but not a great deal of avenues for the new creators to stand out.

Unless we create one, which is what we did with this.

GJ Apparel is a clothing and merchandise store based on positivity and some of the concepts of General Joshua comics, which is; fighting for what you believe in even if the odds are against you and also helping your fellow men and women with their individual goals along the way. These topics will go on all the products in a creative manner, not just characters or symbols, although we have those too. This merchandise will ensure consumers don’t just have to read my comic, to enjoy the topics my comic is about. 


About Our Comic

General Joshua is a story of a faithless vengeful man who after what appears to be the holy rapture must find a way to lead earths last military resistance against the threat on free will.  The only way is to stand against legions of natural and supernatural enemies that stand between the resistance and reuniting with their missing love ones. At the head of these legions is a man who surpasses our hero’s faithlessness and vengeance. The evil tyrant world leader.  He will stop at nothing to manipulate or demonize every living being in this world to join his war efforts against God in the battle of Armageddon. 

Milestones and Wins

Honestly this store is our milestone. We have worked hard to create quality content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We, however, intend to progress in new innovating ways that have not been seen in the comic book industry.  You the consumer will be a huge part of the success and growth of General Joshua comics. With each purchase helping and joining us in pioneering new ways to enjoy the comic book experience.


GJ Apparel’s purpose is to become one of the world’s leading comic book sellers as well as branded consumer products. We want to create a new way to gain success in the comic industry and a fun creative way to engage and create new potential fans of our comic.  Us at GJ Apparel hope to inspire you to create your own way to be great.  Don’t be bottled by everyone’s else limits, create your own and surpass them too. 


We would love to hear your thoughts comments and concerns. Please send all replys to GJcomics@yahoo.com

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